Top 8 Gift Ideas For Familes Going To Disneyland

Have a big trip planned for Disneyland this Holiday Season? Why not have a theme to your gifts and give your little ones Disney items that they will absolutely love (and actually use) during your trip?

Enjoy our Disneyland Gift Guide:

1) Luggage Tags. When traveling, bag check isn't one of the most exciting things to experience. Being reunited with your items do bring comfort. Everyone's bags kind of look the same when all clumped together. So here's a life hack, attach something to the zipper pull or handle of your luggage so you can tell it apart from others. Keeping true to the Disney theme, why not choose from our Mickey and Minnie face or costume luggage tag set.
Mickey and Minnie Luggage Tags

2) Hats. If it's not a rainy gloomy day, then the sun is going to be in your face. It's a fact of life that we must accept. Or we can be rebellious and keep those sun rays of off our faces with hats! Choose from our selection of Disney hats and visors (some have ears)! Maybe a matching set for the family? Maybe a bright hat to tell yourselves apart if lost in a crowd? 

Minnie Mom and Mickey Dad HatsPink Minnie Hat with Ears Mickey Mouse Hat with Ears

3) Duffel Bags. Pack your kids with these cute duffel bags and give them the responsibility of carrying their own things. Don't want your arms full? Throw it in the bag. See something cool in stores? Throw it in the bag. Need some snacks? Check your bag! All hail the mighty duffel bag! But in all seriousness, these are super handy for how roomy they are.

Minnie Mouse Duffel Bag for Kids Disney Cars Movie Duffel Bag for Boys

4) Rain Ponchos.  If you're traveling in December, the weather can be unpredictable (even in "Sunny" California). Mix and match various styles with our transparent icon ponchos. Pack these away and stay dry while exploring the parks. You can also wear them for the water rides!

Mickey and Minnie PonchoMinnie Mouse Girls Kids Rain PonchoDisney Mickey Mouse Rain Poncho for BoysMickey Poncho


5) Backpacks. Maybe you're a two strap type of person and the duffel bag weren't tempting. We have backpacks in all different sizes and characters designed for all ages. These are great for kids to carry their own things on the airplane or in the car. Check out the mini backpacks perfect for toddlers! Have any questions on backpacks, check out our backpack post here LINK.

Disney Cars Movie Mini Backpack for Toddler Boys   Tinkerbell BackpackDisney Frozen Anna Elsa Girls BackpackMickey Mouse Backpack for Boys

6) Water Bottles. Staying hydrated on your travels and walking around the park is super important. Save yourself time in line buying bottled water and get your little ones bottles of their own. And look at you being all eco-friendly! ;D  (Some even have a little attached container for snacks!)

Marvel Spider-Man Water Bottle for Boys  Disney Cars Movie Water Bottle with Chillpak Avengers Water BottleDisney Princesses Water Bottle with Snack Container Built In

7) Plush Dolls. Collect all of your favorite Disney Plush Dolls before you get to the parks. Because, let's face it- any item at the park will be sold much higher.  Mickey and Friends Plush dolls

Disney Stitch Doll

8) Hoodies. They protect you from the cold, wind, and sun. They're comfy, fashionable, features your favorite characters, and c'mon- how many more points do I really need to put? Come to the parks already decked in your Disney -themed gear.  Here's a few of our favorites.

 Grey Minnie HoodieToddler Boys Mickey PulloverRed Minnie Girls Hoodie

We hope these gift ideas were helpful for you and hope you have a fantastic Disneyland vacation!  For more great gift ideas, visit


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