Get your kids excited for bed time with Lego Star Wars

It’s still a little chilly out so we figured we should stock up on some new Lego Star Wars pajamas to keep your little one warm at night.  But, since these are so fun, we figured we would help you out and find some great DIY Star Wars accessories to make bed time a litlte bit more fun.  Pair our long sleeve pj sets with these accessories and get your little ones excited for bed time.  Just not too excited that they won’t fall asleep.  (May the force be with you on that)

Pool Noodle Lightsaber from Kids Activity Blog

No-Sew Star Wars Rebels Pilot Costume from The Nerd’s Wife

Storm Trooper Helmet using a Milk Jug from Filth Wizardry

X Wing Pilot Helmet from Filth Wizardry

Easy Star Wars Jedi Robes from Smart Girls DIY 

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