Easy and Inexpensive DIY DC Comics Costumes

Your little one wants to dress like a superhero, but you don't want to buy them the store-bought, cookie-cutter costume.  We've all been there.  Lucky for you, we have some great ideas and great items in stock for you to buy for this Halloween! 

Wonder Woman Costume for Girls and Toddlers:

To say Wonder Woman was the biggest hit of 2017 would be an understatement.  Everyone will be running out to get the same costume as everyone else (if they're still available).  Set yourself apart from the rest with these amazing Girls Wonder Woman Dresses!  Add some homemade arm bands, head piece and a shield and your costume is complete (and super original). 

Wonder Woman Costumes for Girls DIY

Superman and Supergirl Costumes for Boys and Girls

It's always fun to go as a classic superhero, but the ready-made costumes for these characters may be a bit stale at this point.  Spruce things up and put the costume together by yourself.  For Infants, this is a piece of cake - grab a Superman or Supergirl Costume Bodysuit!  For Girls, similar to the Wonder Woman dresses, there are some awesome Supergirl dresses that are very unique (one has a cape already attached).  Accessorize your own unique style with a homemade eye mask, cool boots and some bracelets!  For Superman, grab a pair of blue pants, Clark Kent-esque glasses, a wig (complete with front curl) and a costume t-shirt or hoodie.   

Superman Costumes for Baby, Kids, Boys Easy to Make

Batman Costume For Kids

I'm Batman.  You know your little one will be repeating this all night... but it's cute, right?  Start your little one off with a costume t-shirt or hoodie (which by the way, can be worn throughout the year and not just on Halloween), some cool black gloves, a cape, black boots and a DIY utility belt if you're feeling adventurous.  Your child will look like a real super hero!

Batman DC Comics Easy Costumes for Kids

Batgirl Costume for Girls

The elements of the Batgirl are different enough to warrant it's own write up.  Our Batgirl items are out of this world.  Take a look at the dresses and find something unique for your costume.  From there, it's super simple - Buy or make yourself a cute cape and some arm covers (as pictured below) but don't forget the eye mask!  Your superhero will be collecting candy in no time (and hopefully sharing some with Mom and Dad).

DC Comics Batgirl Kids Costumes DIY Easy and Inexpensive

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