D.I.Y. Disney Inspired Easter Crafts for Parents and Kids

Easter is great time of year to create some awesome crafts with your kids.  We figured we would add our own spin to this timeless tradition and round up some of the cutest Disney-themed crafts for Easter.  They range from simple to a little daring, but find some inspiration and put your own touch on these thought starters.  Have fun!

Mickey Mouse Easter Eggs

You're definitely going to need to help your little one with this project, but the outcome will be amazing.  The spray paint gives the plastic eggs a fantastic finish and with some white dots, you've created a masterpiece.  

Mickey Easter Garland

Paper. Glue. Glitter.  String.  With these 4 items your imagination can run wild.  Make Mickey ear designs to your little heart's content and hang for everyone to enjoy!

D.I.Y. Disney Easter Eggs in a Flash

We can't think of a more creative and simple way to decorate Easter Eggs with your favorite Disney characters.  Find temporary tattoos online or at your favorite discount store.

Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Wreath

This one doesnt come with instructions, but we're pretty sure you're going to need cardboard/foam core for the circle shapes, some hot glue and a bunch of pastel plastic Easter eggs.  The kids can definitely help you with this one, but you get to manage the hot glue gun

Disney Easter Printable Coloring Sheets

It doesn't get much easier than this.  Print out these sheets and let the kids have at it.  This is a great, free way to keep your kids busy and get in the holiday spirit.  Create a few masterpieces and hang them around the house

D.I.Y. Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets

Turn a boring basket into Disney Easter Fun.  Skip the spray paint and let the little ones have at it with black and red paint if you want them to do more of the work than you :-).  Also, you may be able to switch out the felt for construction paper.  Either way, these are simple to do and will add some much needed Disney pizzazz to Easter! 

Printable Stars Wars Bunny Boxes

These are so cool, easy and free!  Just print out the PDF, follow the instructions and voila, you're all set. Make one or make them all.  This one is mess free (but watch the little ones with the scissors) out all the Star Wars characters. 

No Sew Felt Bunny Ears For your Mickey Hats or Plush Mickey Dolls

These would be awesome to add to your Mickey/Minnie ears baseball cap.  Or, make a smaller version to fit your Mickey Mouse plush doll

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